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Catch up on all the drama of Showtime Productions Collateral Damage. Recorded live at Chapman Cultural Center, Showtime Productions third stage play will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting more. 

Please Note DVD's will be released on March 22nd at the film premiere. 



The tragic death of beloved councilman, Charles Bradford, has shattered hisfamily into a million pieces. The devastation of this loss sends his family in differentdirections. Nearly three years later Camille, his youngest daughter, has returned home toprepare for the happiest day of her life. On the day she is going to marry her long-timesoulmate, Dallas Grey, there is only one thing that is missing to make this the perfectday, and that's her father. Danielle, her best friend, has taken on the responsibility ofplanning the wedding. Everything is set and in place, but an unexpected surprise comesout of nowhere that threatens to rock this family at its core once again. What happenswhen buried secrets come back to life and all of a sudden everyone connected to thisfamily becomes collateral damage as a result of one person's detrimental mistake.

Collateral Damage - The Stage Play DVD Pre-Order

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