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Deckland Jones 

Deckland Jones (DJ) – (30-35-year-old, African American, Male)

Deckland is an aspiring musician who has the last 8 years behind bars at no fault of his own. He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Since his release he has been working hard to find a good paying job to provide for his 15-year son Christian. His criminal record makes it impossible to find work  but he has strong faith in God and will not give up. He is often mistreated, overlooked and disrespected but he doesn’t allow those circumstances to change who he is. He always maintains his integrity...well that’s until he’s pushed over the edge.

Tamara Childs

Tamara Childs – (mid 30s, Africain American)

Mother of Decklands 15 year old son Christian. Executive Director at Alexander Enterprise. Tamara is very strong minded, aggressive and will bite off a little more than she can chew. Frustrated and disappointed with where she is in life she becomes very aggressive in her approach with anyone she comes in contact with. Desperate to hold on to the man she loves. How far will Tamara go to protect her secrets and lies?

Angela Alexander

Angela Alexander – (late 20’s early 30’s)

educated young lady who is married to Mr. Spencer Alexander. She's a vibrant lady with insecurities so powerful that she believes she deserved the horrible things that have been done to her. With the help of an unlikely ally, she regains her confidence and strength but will it be enough to overcome her greatest tribulation.

Hamilton Alexander

Hamilton Alexander – (early 50’s)

Established business man. He’s a very straight forward man and doesn’t play any games when it comes to his coins. Hamilton has been married to his wife for over 30 years. He has a son whom he’s very proud of. He is anxiously waiting for his son to birth the third generation to the Alexander throne. Hamilton is man that no one wants to cross but he meets his match in someone he never even pinned on his radar.

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Spencer Alexander

Spencer Alexander – (Late 20’s early 30’s)

Charming and confident chip off the old block. He’s a hardworking man with ambition, whose determined to have it all but his desire to please his father trumps everything. Spencer comes to a cross road where he must choose to either be his own man or please his father. The decision he makes takes him down a road thats difficult to return from.

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Malinda Alexander

Melinda Alexander – (mid 40-early 50)

Classy mother and wife. Melinda has always supported her husband and played her part maintaining the picture perfect image and reputation of the Alexander Family. She is the Matriarch of her family and hell will freeze over before you get over on anyone apart of it, but what happens when the most dangerous threat to your family is the one you love the most? How long can Melinda keep her family’s elite reputation intact and protect her son?

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Chad Harris

Chad Harris-(age 30-35)

Mysterious guy who stays under the radar. He's loyalty to Deckland is questioned when hidden truths come to light. Chad uses his street smarts in a quest for a better life. Someone from his childhood becomes a terrible influence and lines become blurred. 

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Larry Miller

Larry Miller - (Mid 20's - Early 30's Male, Any Ethnicity)

Know it all, nosey, entry level employee at Alexander Enterprise. He has a suspicions that things aren't on the up and up and he's  determined to get to the bottom of it. 

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Cj Jones 

Christian Jones –

15 year old son of Deckland & Tamara. Christian is rebellious, disrespectful and living life on the edge. Will Christian allow outsiders to poison his mind against his father before it's to late?

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Sky Pitts 

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Kevin Santos

Kevin Santos - (Mid 20's - Early 30's Male, Any Ethnicity)

Young man from the streets, who gets caught up in a situation that has life changing consequences 

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Gloria Owens

Gloria Owens (Mid 40's - Early 50's Female)

Middle class hard working, protective Mother who come to the aide of her daughter and will destroy anything that gets in her way.

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