Join us Saturday Nov 19th for an epic night of entertainment with Showtimes' return to live theatre performances. 

In the blink of an eye life was turned upside down for Deckland Jones. After being wrongfully accused of a crime he may or may not have committed. Upon release he struggles to find his place in the world again as he attempts to reconnect with his son and long time love Tamara. Over the past 12 years, the story of Tamara and Deckland hasn't been all roses and sunshine; but its what Deckland wants more than anything. As things unfold. will the feelings still be the same?


Spencer Alexander is the heir to the great fortune of Hamilton and Melinda Alexander. The thought of one day owning the biggest luxury car dealership in Charlotte, NC would be enough for most, but not Spencer. Spencer is determined to make his own way outside of his parents and their strict expectations. Being an Alexander is no easy feat, especially when your family doesn't approve of your wife Angela. Angela has it all, beauty, brains, any man would be lucky to have her. Angela and Spencer's marriage struggles as they both carry secrets that could not only ruin their marriage, but destroy their lives as they know it.


All it takes is one second, one thought, and one mis-step for all to be revealed. It's only so many ways a web of lies can spin until we find out what really lies beneath.....


Showtime Productions is a Christian-based, nonprofit urban theatre company based out of the upstate of South Carolina committed to creating, developing and producing artistically excellent and culturally diverse theater for all. It is our aspiration to make theatre relevant in the lives of many people by demonstrating that theatre engages, inspires, and unites communities.