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Deckland Jones has a bright future ahead of himself until one day his life is turned upside down
without warning. He finds himself in trouble with the law at no fault of his own. A father who is
unable to provide for his 10 year old son is on a mission to reclaim his life and overcome the
obstacles he faces. Deckland’s longtime girlfriend, Tamara, is the woman of his dreams. They
have had many ups and downs over their 12 year relationship; nevertheless, Deckland is ready to
secure his future with Tamara until one day he is struck with the reality of who Tamara really is.
Angela has beauty, brains, and a BIG secret that has left a deep scar as well as a void in her life
which ultimately affects her marriage with Spencer Alexander. Spencer Alexander is the son of
the great Hamilton & Melinda Alexander, owners of largest car dealership in Charlotte, NC.
Spencer is next in line to take over the family dynasty. However, Spencer wishes to be his own
man outside of his parents’ expectations. To relive the pressure of taking over the family
business, Spencer finds an outlet that leaves him in a situation that no one can help him out of.
One small mistake will reveal that its more to these couples than the eye can see. What happens
when the webs of deceit reveal what really lies beneath each of these individuals?

What Lies Beneath - The Stage Play DVD

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