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Devon "Mo" Monroe

30 to 37 years old, Black/African American female. Devon is outspoken, overlooked, and has a big heart. She is the estranged wife of a political activist, while being the mother of two kids and trying to process this new reality. We find that Deven has an interesting perspective of race and colorism. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, Deven is a beauty mogul. It becomes quite evident to many that she has a chip on her shoulder. LEAD


Calvin Lawrence 

40 to 50 years old, Black/African American male. Natural born leader. Focused. Ambitious. Resourceful. Calvin is on his way to becoming Greenville’s first black mayor—that is until his marriage takes a turn for the worst and threatens to put all his hard work into jeopardy. He is a sneaky crook that soon meets his match when the tables turn unexpectedly. SUPPORTING

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Kennedy Fisher 

25 to 30 years old, Black/African American female. High-maintenance. Bratty. Well put together. Career driven Kennedy is a single professional that struggles to find a man who will live up to her high standards. She is a successful internet sensation, blogger, and influencer, who soon faces the dilemma of choosing between her thriving career and a budding interest with “bad boy” Xavier Foster.  SUPPORTING


Xavier "Zay"

25 to 30 years old, Black/African American male. The self-proclaimed ladies’ man. Xavier, better known as “Zay” is aggressive, arrogant, deceitful, and manipulative. Full of undeniable charm, Zay is currently single with an extensive history of failed relationships. Working as a waiter at the local barista, Zay’s world is pleasantly interrupted as he faces a welcomed challenge in Kennedy Fischer. LEAD

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Ericka Connor 

30 to 40 years old, Black/African American female. Educated. Successful. Poised. Ericka is the positive friend that will always see the glass as “half full”. She is the wife of Chase Connor, and they co-own a local barista. Ericka strives to maintain a positive image in society, though her private life is strained and begins to unwind due to her desire to conceive. LEAD


Chase Connor 

35 to 40 years old, Caucasian male. Successful. Career Centric. Chase is a white-collar businessman. Husband to Ericka Connor, they own a thriving local barista. Coming from a family of wealth
and prominence, Chase is eager to continue to build success by forging his own path. His picture-perfect life is threatened when he has to face some inner demons. SUPPORTING

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Jaylon Thomas 

30 to 40 years old, Black/African American male. Complex and mysterious. Well dressed. Jaylon is a smooth talking, charismatic guy with a lot of swag. Known for his “Million Dollar Smile”. Jaylon is a professional sports agent and commentator, heralded for being an articulate and educated. He is sexy… and he knows it! SUPPORTING

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Valarie Bryant 

35 to 40 years old, Black/African American female. The naturally endearing, life of the party. Valerie is also fierce, determined, and dedicated. She is a single woman with a free spirit, willing to try anything once. Her best friends are Devon Monroe and Ericka Connor. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Even though Val means no harm, one decision brings her to a place of unpredictability. LEAD

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Morgan Yoestin


Donte Wright 

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Morgan Yoestin


Donte Wright 

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